Find out if au pair life is right for you!

Join an info meeting online to learn more about our program and meet a former au pair.

What is an info meeting?

Info meetings are a fun and free way to get more information about our program! Our meetings are non-binding and a chance for you to find out if being an au pair is right for you.

Meet & Greet

You’ll meet local Cultural Care Au Pair representatives who will answer any questions you may have about being an au pair in the USA.

Meet a former au pair

Whenever possible, we have former au pairs attending our meetings, so you can ask them questions about their experience.

Stay a while

Meetings typically last around 1 hour, but can sometimes run longer if there are more questions about au pair life.

Info Meeting FAQs

Can I bring a friend with me to the meeting?

Absolutely! Please bring friends or family with you. Especially if you have a friend who could also be interested in the program.

Is it really free?

Yes! Just come and learn about being an au pair in the USA—free of charge!

What do I commit by coming to a meeting?

Nothing! You’re just coming to learn if au pair life is right for you.

Should I start my au pair profile before coming to an info meeting?

It’s a great idea to activate your profile before coming to an info meeting, especially if you think you may want to leave for the USA soon.

What if I have to cancel?

Please call us in the office if you need to cancel. We can then schedule a new time for you.

What happens after a meeting?

After the meeting, it’s your time to decide whether being an au pair is the right next step for you. We’ll be there to help with any questions you have—and help you start your journey as soon as you are ready.