Visa Application & Flight Arrangements

Our staff is here to help you through every phase of the visa application and flight logistics.

Cultural Care Au Pair is recognized by the U.S. Department of State as an official sponsoring agency for the au pair program. This means that we will act as your sponsor for a J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa.

The J-1 visa is the only legal way to work as an au pair in the USA. Cultural Care will provide you with all necessary documents for your visa application and guide you through the process. We help you arrange a visa appointment at your local U.S. Consulate, where you will attend a personal interview, after which your visa will be issued.

Our staff will arrange air travel from your home country to New York, where you will attend the Au Pair Training School before travelling to your host family. Cultural Care representatives will meet you at your arrival airport in New York and take you to the training school, where your journey begins!

You can fly to the USA almost any week of the year. As part of the matching process, you and your future host family will agree on the arrival date. Once this has been confirmed you should know your approximate departure day — but the actual date and time will be confirmed when your flight ticket is issued. you will most likely be travelling with other au pairs, who will be just as excited to begin this amazing adventure as you are. We will make sure to connect you with any travelling au pairs so you will have an instant friend!

After your stay at the Au Pair Training School, you will make the journey — either by bus or plane — directly to your host family. Cultural Care arranges the transportation both to your American host family, as well as from your host family back to your home country, on successful completion of the program.