Au pair insurance coverage

Complete travel insurance coverage—designed exclusively for our au pairs

As you picture yourself as an au pair in the USA, you never want to imagine that something unexpected happens. But in case it does, you want to know that it will be ok, and that you’ll get the help you need.

Cultural Care includes a tailor-made travel insurance group policy to ensure our au pairs the best protection possible during their time in the USA. So, whether you are in need of medical care—or a loved one is ill—or your stuff gets stolen, you can rely on our comprehensive coverage with a 24/7 emergency hotline accessible from the USA and your home country.

Together with the insurance company, we designed this travel insurance to give you complete peace of mind and cover far more than just the basics.

Medical Coverage

Unlimited illness and accident coverage*
Medical treatment in the USA is extremely expensive, so it’s important to have comprehensive coverage while you’re there. The coverage includes unlimited care in the case of a new accident or illness during your au pair term which is much higher than the USD 100,000 provided by other insurance companies.

Access to Aetna’s well-known network of doctors
There are almost 1 million Aetna network doctors/hospitals in the U.S., giving you access to one of the largest medical networks in the USA.

No upfront cost for treatment
When you seek medical care from a caregiver within Aetna’s network, you won’t be responsible for the upfront cost of treatment. Instead, the bill will be forwarded to the insurance claims agent and, if covered, you’ll pay only a USD 35 deductible.

Sports coverage—even for risky activities
If you hope to play your favorite sport in the USA, or even try something new, there’s no need to worry—you’ll be fully covered!

*Exclusions and limitations apply

Travel Coverage

Worldwide vacation coverage
As a Cultural Care au pair, you’ll be covered even if you travel outside of the USA (excluding your home country).

Family coverage if the worst happens
If you suffer a critical accident or illness during your time in the USA, flights and accommodation for up to two family members will be covered.

Emergency transport home
If you need to attend to the death/critical illness of an immediate family member, your flight back home, as well as your return flight to the USA, will be covered.

13th travel month
If you decide to take advantage of your 13th travel month in the USA, you are still fully covered (unlike with other agencies).

Property & Legal Coverage

Property coverage
Coverage also includes valuable property and cash. Theft of or damage to your private property will be covered up to $5,000 USD.

Liability and legal coverage
In case you have damaged someone’s property and had to pay for the repair or replacement you can claim the incident under the third party liability the coverage includes. There is also coverage in case you need legal assistance.