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There's no better way to understand life in America than to see it through the eyes of real au pairs. Read their personal stories to get an idea of what it’s like to live with a host family, care for their children, and find a second home in a new country. You’ll also learn about how to attend an American university, make au pair friends, travel the USA and more. Be sure to follow their blogs and social media channels to get an authentic glimpse of #aupairlife!

Hayley, Au pair in Connecticut

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My name is Hayley, I am 23 and from England. I'm living in Ridgefield, Connecticut looking after 3 very special children; Cameron is 4, Avery is 3 and Beverly is 1. My host parents are Gwen and Keith and I honestly couldn't be any luckier - I found my perfect host family.

Beni, au pair in California

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Hey guys my name is Beni, I’m 19 years old and I’m currently and Au Pair in Los Angeles, California! This is my second year as and Au Pair and I take care of a 3 years old little boy! For my first year I’ve been living in Richmond, Virginia where I’ve been taking care of a 2 year old little boy! I think being an Au Pair is the best experience you’ll ever have! I’ve been creating my YouTube channel before I became an Au Pair so you can find a lot of videos about me and my experiences on there!

Alessia, Au pair in North Carolina

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Hi everybody! I'm Alessia and I'm 23. I was born in Dolo (Venice) but I live in Padua, a small beautiful city near it. It's in the North East of Italy. I'm a nurse, I got my degree at the Padua's University the 4th April 2017. Before looking for a job I decided to take a year to travel, experience new things and live an adventure: that's why I chose to become an Au Pair.

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