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What our au pairs say

  • Melanie, Mexico


    Being an au pair completely changed my life. I was able to break down barriers between cultures. I was able to pursue my passion for art by taking classes at an American college. I became a stronger, wiser, more caring, more loving, and more grateful person.

  • Charity, South Africa


    What did I gain from my au pair year? I became more independent. I learned personal skills: how to be more patient, how to communicate. I learned how to adapt to different situations. I learned about new cultures, new religions. I gained a family. I learned how to be a big sister and second mom. I now have two homes in two different countries.

  • Bianca, Italy


    Because of my au pair year, I am more self-confident, open-minded and have learned how to face challenging and unpredictable situations. I am proud of the person I have become and I am sure that my acquired skills will be helpful for my future aspirations, be they personal or professional.